The Souls of Her Feet


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Why is it that nice girls get walked all over?

Sweet Ashley St. Helens wants so many things—freedom, love, and a scholarship—but she’s overworked, overwhelmed, and feeling lost since her parents died. Then there’s the, um, foot problem...! When her eccentric godfather shows up, the magic begins. A soul-and-body makeover before senior prom—with just the right shoes—reminds Ashley how awesome she is. 

“The difference between a hero’s journey and a fairytale princess is that a hero does something. A true princess is loved, however, for just being herself. Ashley’s story is as lovable as she is, and should be read by all fans of the Cinderella myth.”—Professor Mädchen March, author of The Kidney Thief: Squeezing out the Legend

This new book by Kristen Caven, author of Perfectly Revolting and The Bullying Antidote, is available in three versions.

TSOHF: a novel cinderella

The Souls of Her Feet
(a novel cinderella)

The fourth edition of the paperback includes songs from the musical!

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TSOHF: a musical cinderella

The Souls of Her Feet
(a musical cinderella)

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This 21st century interactive novel contains pop-up images, music, and video. An engaging subplot blurs the lines between fiction and reality, conveyed through email exchanges between the writers of the musical and the characters.


TSOHF: print version

The Souls of Her Feet

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