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Feedback Form: SOULS "Couch Reading"

We are looking for feedback about the content of the show – story, music and lyrics – as opposed to performances from the actors.  Please be honest and straightforward.  Your comments will help us change and improve the show before it is produced in a full-scale workshop.

How would you rate the STORYLINE:

Comments on the STORY:



Was any part of the plot or storyline unclear?  Please explain.

Was any part of SHOES slow in developing? 

What would you add or subtract from the story?

Who were your favorite or the strongest characters and why?

Did you have problems with any of the characters? Why?

How would you rate the overall MUSIC (not lyrics)?

Comments on the MUSIC:

How would you rate the overall LYRICS to the songs?

Comments on the lyrics:

Please check your favorite songs from “SOULS”

Queen for a Day (Ashley) 

Sibling Rivalry (Ashley, Donna, Debra)

I’m-a-Geek Blues (Ashley)  

The Big Bitch (Ashley et. al)   

A Fairy Godwhatever (Harry) 

Dear Jack (Sylvia)

If the Shoe Fits (Harry/Chorus)

Prom Theme (Midnight Mouse)

Truth or Dare Waltz (All)

If the Girl Fits (Jeff)

Fairy Godwhatever Finale (All)

If you had to CUT ONE song for any reason, which one would it be?

What would you ADD?

Did SOULS interest you in seeing the whole of SMBPR?

Would you pay to see it when it's produced in the the theatre?

When either SOULS or SMBPR are staged in a theatre, would you recommend the show to a friend?

Who do you think would enjoy it?

How would you characterize or pitch this show to your friends?

(What other musicals or films compare?)




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