the souls of her feet

mirror imag(in)e

number of the beast


These are 3 early demo tracks from The Souls of Her Feet.

The Big Bitch -- in which Ashley reconnects with Harry, her godfather, after many years, and he encourages her to let her feelings out.

Can't Go-to-Prom Blues -- in which Ashley mopes about not going to the prom.

If the Shoe Fits -- in which Harry (with the help of a chorus line) educates Ashley on wearing the right shoe for every occasion, and finds her the perfect shoe to take her to her destiny.

Voices by Kristen Caven (spoken parts), Jenn Graham (sung, very high, in spite of her cold!) and the amazing Brian Yates Sharber—who has extra-special feet—as does Harry. (It should be noted here that the shoe song was recorded barefoot.)

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